Lucie Blush

Lucie BlushLucie Blush is a French feminist pornographer and actress based in Berlin. Based on her own fantasies and experiences, Lucie’s films are a depiction of her sexual exploration and put the fun back into porn.

Lucie Blush grew up in Lyon, France. She studied languages and translation, which led her to spend six years working and studying in Barcelona. Deeply self-conscious about her body and dissatisfied with sex, she looked for ways to explore her sexuality. While studying Web Design, she found a part-time job at Erika Lust’s production company and discovered the world of feminist porn. A year and a half later, she left to work as a Web Designer at another firm, but the question remained in her head: “If I did fem porn myself, what would it look like?”

A couple of years later, she grew frustrated with her job making websites for weight loss products and that same question became an obsession. Her breakup with a long-term partner led her to start the blog, where she gathered all the alternative – and free – porn videos she could find online and which stimulated her way more than any mainstream porn movies.

A few months later, she produced and directed her first porn film, Alice Inside. From that moment, Lucie made more and more films and opened her online cinema: She feels that her work allows her to express herself and to ask questions she had never asked herself before: “What do I like? What turns me on?”.

In NAKED, she performed for the first time, in front of the camera. She realised that porn is a way for her to take control of her sexuality and accept her body. A few months later, she quit her job to focus 100% on porn and moved to Berlin.

She writes about her sexual adventures in her blog and keeps making more movies in an honest, authentic way, depicting sex the way it is, without any taboos or lies, celebrating the variety of bodies, sexualities and personalities.


– Alice Inside (2013) – Starring Aura and Isi – Feminist Porn Festival, Toronto
– A Custom-Made Fantasy (2014) – Starring Juliet Marcel and Pol Marcel
– Don’t Touch Me (2014) – Starring Juan Lucho and Bianca Resa
– Up All Night (2014) – Starring Alexa Tomas and Joel Tomas – Berlin Porn Film Festival 2015
– NAKED (2014) – Starring Molly Dae and Lucie Blush – Cinekink Festival 2015, La Fête Du Slip festival 2015, Holy Fuck festival 2015
– Fucking Baked, ep 1: The One With The Batter (2015) – Starring Lucie Blush
– If You Dare (2015) – Starring Irina Vega and Fenyx Santos – Fetisch Film Festival 2015
– Fucking Baked, ep 2: Chaturbate (2015) – Starring Lucie Blush – Holy Fuck Festival 2015
– Let’s Skip The Wedding, part 1 (2015) – Starring Alexei Jackson and Lina Bembe
– Let’s Skip The Wedding, part 2 (2015) – Starring Alexei Jackson and Lucie Blush
– Fucking Baked, ep 3: Peeping Tom In Berlin (2015) – Starring Kilian Kay and Lucie Blush – Berlin Porn Film Festival 2015
– Blow My Mind (2015) – Starring Amarna Miller and Pablo Ferrari
– Vice Box (2015) – Starring Candy Flip and Theo Meow
– Deepest Darkest (2015) – Starring Asia Hump and Krystal Asky
– The Waltz (2015) – Starring Jasko Fide, Lina Bembe and Mickey Mod – Cinekink Festival 2016
– Newbie (2015) – Starring Alexei Jackson, Lexie Candy and Lucie Blush
– Follow The White Rabbit (2016) – Starring Jasko Fide, Kilian Kay, Lucie Blush, Rococo Royalle and Jesse Stryder.

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