It’s My Birthday And I’ll Fly…

On the eve of her 50th birthday, Feminist Porn Award Heartthrob of the Year Morgana Muses made this award-winning short documentary. It details the transformative journey of Morgana, from unhappy wife and mother to a woman unashamedly fulfilling her own sexual destiny.

Morgana Muses decides to give herself the ultimate birthday gift – and gives us an exploration of BDSM, philosophy and spirituality. Celebrating a milestone that she never expected to reach, Morgana makes herself the centrepiece of a glorious piece of art. And in this film, she grants herself permission to indulge and enjoy life.

Interviews with Morgana Muses and rope artist Garth Knight are wound together with incredible, cinematic footage of the ultimate birthday gift.

Won Best Documentary short at Cinekink 2015
Screened at MANIF 2015
Official Selection ECU – Paris 2015
NACHTSCHATTEN festival 2015
Nominated Feminist Porn Awards 2015

Available in full at Pink Label TV and at the Permission4Pleasure site.

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