Vows – Short Film Trailer from Vows Erotic Film on Vimeo.

An erotic short film that plays with ideas of sin and temptation. A fun bit of religious porn.

The blurb: The Reverend Mother, struggling with her vows, seeks comfort and the absolution of her sins through confession. When her prayers of penance prove insufficient in dissuading her impure thoughts, she turns to her priest for chastisement.

However, he too is peccable, and their shared feelings of lust and desire may be too much for either of them to suppress.

Vows was a finalist for Best Adult/Erotic at International Shorts Film Festival (Melbourne 2018). It has also be selected for (S)exhibitions (Rome 2019).

Kim Cums is an Australian performer and director who runs her own site and makes short films.


You’ll find all her work at KimCums.com

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