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The Fantasy Project tells the story of a woman conducting research into women's sexual fantasies. As she obsessively delves into the rich fantasy lives of other women, her own relationship stalls.

An erotic short film that plays with ideas of sin and temptation. A fun bit of religious porn. The Reverend Mother, struggling with her vows, seeks comfort and the absolution of her sins through confession.

This film could be called bi porn, MMF, threesome, group sex... or even cuckold porn. But it's much more than that. Trinity has won awards and screened around the world to rapturous applause. "Sometimes in a relationship you need to shake things up a bit."

Bishop Black indulges in a dance of sensuality before lying back on the bare parquetry floor for a session of self-pleasure.

“See Me” makes a powerful statement about disability, sexuality and visual depictions of female eroticism.

Come Together is the seventh erotic film from internationally renowned director Petra Joy. All of the four short films feature exciting new erotic scenarios from a female perspective.

Set in one bedroom over six decades, The Bedroom explores the exciting changes to sex and sexuality in Australia. By Australian erotic film director Anna Brownfield.

Pansexual Jack Hammer XL is an expert rope and BDSM practitioner who’s found a partner in queerly fluid Nikki Darling. They share a love for power play, pleasure, bondage and breath play. If you want to see what tender and thoughtful rough sex looks like, look no further.

Chase strips down behind a glass door. The impressions and shadows reveal tantalizing glimpses of masculine self-pleasure.

Good friends Pandora Blake and Parker Marx accidentally meet on the streets of Berlin. She invites him back for tea but soon the sexual tension rises and their kinky natures emerge.

A softcore short film the shows the power of erotic narrative and shows that you can depict queer sex with clothes left on.

A steady gaze. A meeting of lips. Fingertips trace trails of intense sensation across willing flesh, raising goosebumps and temperatures.

Bed Party has been described as a "queer straight film". It features the heterosexual pairing of two real-life lovers but the sex acts aren't what you see in a standard porno

Kaleidogasm is a fleshy and surreal fleshy visual adventure. An unnerving cascade of images that is both erotic and frightening.

Love Hard is a feature documentary that explores kinky relationships in a whole new way. It examines the intimacies that exist in five different BDSM relationships through a mix of interviews and scenes.

On the eve of her 50th birthday, Morgana Muses made this award-winning short documentary. It details the transformative journey of Morgana, from unhappy wife and mother to a woman unashamedly fulfilling her own sexual destiny.

A couple book themselves into a hotel for some time together and are joined by a handsome stranger. Various threesome-style sexytimes ensue.

Petra Joy's second feature film was inspired by the real-life female fantasies sent into her by friends. A lush, visual feast, this film focuses on female pleasure and features a variety of fantasies that go beyond stereotypes of flowers and romance

Two actors struggle to find the chemistry to make their on-stage romance appealing, hoping to impress the critic who will be reviewing the film at an upcoming matinee performance. Things take an unexpected and romantic turn.

An erotic film exploring the idea that gratitude can enhance intimacy and sexual experiences. This short celebrates connection, passion and intimacy