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A profile of Ms. Naughty - a female porn director and filmmaker from Australia. She primarily makes straight porn. She has won several feminist porn awards.

Kim Cums is an erotic filmmaker with experience on both sides of the camera. She runs and performs in her own site and makes erotic short films.

Paulita Pappel is a Berlin-based director and performer who runs and Ersties. She has also worked with Erika Lust and other directors.

Nikki Silver is a San Francisco-based porn director and performer who has been working in the adult industry for almost ten years. Her films focus on body hair and "natural" body types and the sex is predominantly queer or girl-girl.

Pandora Blake is a UK-based film director and performer. She makes story-based films dealing with spanking, BDSM, domination with a focus on female kinky fantasy.

Kate Sinclaire is an independent pornographer based in Canada. Kate's films feature mostly queer and solo performers, with an indie/alt feel. Her work celebrates diverse bodies and sexuality.

Zahra Stardust is an award-winning porn star and director, whose films feature a distinct mix of sex, art and politics. Her work vacillates between playful engagement with stereotype to raw accounts of stigma and burnout, blending boundaries between work and pleasure. In Fuck Dolls, performers enjoy homoerotic Ken dolls and explore Barbie’s queer potential, using…

Morgana Muses is an age-positive, sex-positive creative director of Permission 4 Pleasure. She shares her journey of sexual exploration to audiences through her award winning short films

Toytool Committee is a collective of like-minded people who are seeking to make artistic, sex positive porn. The group is not exclusively made up of female porn directors, though a large number of members are women. Their main aim is to depict sexual situations in a positive way.

Shine Louise Houston is a San-Francisco-based queer porn film director. Her high quality films celebrate the diversity of human sexuality and she has received multiple awards for her work. She is considered a pioneer of feminist and queer porn.

Gala Vanting is an "erotic imaginist". Her films explore BDSM, queer sex and different modes of intimacy and a made with high production values.

Anna Span was the British female director of porn. Her films are primarily features with a gonzo-realist style and include heterosexual, lesbian and bi sex and group encounters

Erika Lust is a Swedish female porn director who creates erotic film with high production values, a focus on context and user-generated content.

Maria Beatty is a Paris-based female porn director who makes artistic lesbian fetish films that can be described as "erotic noir".

Petra Joy is a British female porn director who describes her work as art-core. It focuses on female pleasure and a female perspective and is ethically sound

Ovidie is a French director of porn. Her films are story-based, focused on relationships and have a dry sense of humour.

Jacky St. James is a US-based female director who has primarily worked with larger LA porn studios. Her films are story-based & high budget. She got her start in romance porn but now mainly directs porn films about taboo relationships

Candida Royalle was the pioneer of porn for women and couples porn. Her feature films are story based with a focus on female pleasure with no facial cumshots.

Tristan Taormino is a female porn director who is perhaps best known for her educational porn films and her guides to anal sex