Two actors struggle to find the chemistry to make their on-stage romance appealing, hoping to impress the critic who will be reviewing the film at an upcoming matinee performance. Daniel wants to make big changes the day before the show; Mariah is reticent.

Finally, before a live audience, she finds the courage to explore the role – in unexpected and sensual ways.

“Matinée” is a sexually explicit, engaging drama that occupies the middle ground between “art film” and “sex film”. The film showcases Alicia Whitsover (England) and Steven McAlistair (Scotland) in their first explicit sex roles ever. Matinée takes a fresh look at what erotic film can be. It features an original musical score and careful attention to capturing the real-life sounds of sex. Real, intense and emotional, Matinée is truly erotic film for people who like film.

Directed by Jennifer Lyon Bell. Available to watch in full at Pink Label TV

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