Bed Party

Bed Party has been described as a “queer straight film”. It features the heterosexual pairing of two real-life lovers but the sex acts aren’t what you see in a standard porno. Eden and Sebastian are two people who know what they like in bed and who are eager to give each other pleasure in whatever way works best.

The blurb: BED PARTY flips the porno script with a “Porno Vérité” documentary style look behind the private doors of porn’s public performers. Well-known within the kink community, Eden Alexander and Sebastian Keys have found love and beautifully sordid sex in their queer and pansexual relationship. Director Shine Louise Houston and co-director Shae Voyeur break down the fourth wall with direct on-camera performer interactions. The result is an all-access and unfiltered glimpse into the personal sex life of this couple. When’s the last time you saw a loving exchange of anal fisting and multiple orgasms? Puppy play, foot jobs, squirting, cum-swapping and loads of dirty talk are woven together with an honest yet playful tenderness. It’s in the comfort of their own home where they expose a deep intimacy and appreciation for each other.

Directed by Shine Louise Houston. You can watch Bed Part at Pink Label TV.

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