Paulita Pappel

Paulita Pappel is a sex-positive, feminist pornographer. She is the founder of, a platform dedicated to the sex lives of real life, loving couples from around the world. Recently she has created group sex / gangbang films with her partner Rod Wyler, which you’ll find at She also co-organizes and curates the Pornfilmfestival Berlin.

Pappel has worked as a film producer, performer and director. Lately, her main interest lies in what she calls documentary porn, a porn genre that documents the sexual lives of real people. This was the reason for creating Lustery, as a platform and community that focuses on genuine passion and enjoyment and aims to provide a realistic depiction of what actually happens in people’s bedrooms.

Filmography as director (selection):
A Birthday Surprise 2016
Female Ejaculation 2016
The Tinder Experiment 2016
First Sex: Blind Date 2017
The Tinder Challenge 2018

Filmography as producer (selection):
Refugee’s Welcome by Bruce LaBruce
A Parallel Universe by Hadas Hinkis
The Toilet Line by Goodyn Green

Website: HardwerkLustery




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