Nikki Silver

Nikki SilverNikki Silver is a San Francisco-based porn director and performer who has been working in the adult industry for almost ten years. Her films focus on body hair and “natural” body types and the sex is predominantly queer or girl-girl.
Nikki Silver is a self taught photographer, artist, pornographer, model and sex worker. She started her site in 2013 after working as a content producer and director for other male-run hairy sites. She started NaughtyNatural because she saw the potential for more authentic, engaging and feminist content within the hairy niche.

NaughtyNatural focuses around Nikki as the star model and she performs in many of the scenes that she directs for the site. Her films focus on female pleasure at the forefront. While not taking herself too seriously and allowing her models to be joyful and silly, there is also a beautiful, ethereal artful element to her films. She uses almost exclusively natural light and shoots mostly outside in the woods. She has coined the term ‘hippieadventureporn’ to describe her shoots.

She has also made a few art films with performer Lyric Seal, including ‘White Fur.’ They have more films in the works, which will include an erotic element.


Waiting for Beast

White Fur


Honoured Website, Feminist Porn Awards, 2013

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