Gala Vanting

Gala VantingGala Vanting is a feminist porn filmmaker, sex worker, activist, writer, speaker and sex educator. She uses the term “erotic imaginist” as a shorthand for all of these roles. Gala and cinematographer Aven Frey run Sensate Films. The work they produce can be described as visually stunning explorations of BDSM, queer sex and diverse sexual expression. Self-described as “slow porn”, Sensate values the process over product and seeks to explore different ways of experiencing intimacy, sometimes blending fantasy with documentary. Some are not explicit though they do offer keen insight into the headspace of kinky sexual encounters. Gala’s films have a dreamy feel that is also emotionally engaging and they can sometimes be challenging to watch.

Gala brings a strong feminist and political focus to her work. She is an advocate of sex positivity, ethical porn production and sex worker rights.

Gala Vanting worked both as a performer and behind the scenes for Australian adult company Feck before forming Sensate Films. She and Aven were also the primary filmmakers for the site Gentlemen Handling which focuses on male masturbation.

Check out Gala’s work at Sensate Films.


Love Hard (2014)


Awards (selected)

Amber, Honorable Mention, Feminist Porn Awards 2013
Love Hard, Hottest Kink Film, Feminist Porn Awards 2015

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