Maria Beatty

Maria Beatty - fetish female porn directorMaria Beatty is a New York filmmaker who has become renowned over the last two decades for lesbian/fetish “erotic film noir.” Her work is kink-focused with primarily female performers, often shot in black-and-white. Her filmmaking style is high-end and artistic and she cites Andy Warhol, Werner Fassbinder, Irving Klaw and Betty Page as inspirations for her work. “My films delight in the playful relationship between pleasure and pain,” she says on her site, listing a wide variety of fetishes seen in her work. Some of her films have a surreal vibe, some openly play with shocking the audience.

Maria Beatty has produced all of her films independently. She has also appeared as a performer in several of them.

Maria is currently based in Paris.

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The Medicine Man (feature film- coming Autumn 2013)
The Return of Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls (erotic feature- late 2010)
Bandaged (2009)
Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls (2009)
White Bonnet (2008)
Belle de Nature (2008)
Strap-On Motel (2008)
Skateboard Kink Freak (2007)
Sex Mannequin (2007)
Boy in a Bathtub (2007)
Coma (2007)
Mask of Innocence (2006)
Silken Sleeves (2006)
Ecstasy in Berlin (2004)
Tight Security (2003)
Seven Deadly Sins (2002)
Lust (2002)
Waterworld (2002)
Tina’s Toytrunk (2001)
Ladies of the Night (2000)
Sassy Schoolgirl Prt. 2 (2000)
Leda and the Swan (1999)
Testify My Love (1999)
Doctor’s Orders (1998)
Sassy Schoolgirl Prt. 1 (1998)
Converted to Tickling (1998)
The Boiler Room (1998)
Let the Punishment fit the Child (1997)
The Dueling Pages (1997)
The Black Glove (1997)
The Elegant Spanking (1995)
Alot of Fun for the Evil One (1993)
Sluts and Goddesses (1992)
Imaging Her Erotics (1992)
Sphinxes Without Secrets (1991)
Gang of Souls (1989)

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