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The Committee have folded and it is now Toytool films run by Maria Blah, whose most recent film Vs featured at the Berlin Porn Film Festival. Maria says her work follows the ethics founded by the committee.

Previous info: Toytool Committee is a collective of like-minded people who are seeking to make artistic, sex positive porn. The group is not exclusively made up of female porn directors, though a large number of members are women. Toytool’s films are as eclectic as the group itself, though they have a distinct “indie” feel and a desire to focus on aesthetics and high production values. There is no single sex act or sexuality depicted. Their main aim is simply to depict sexual situations in a positive way.


Toytool Committee is an independent production house based in Valencia, Spain. By principle, each of its members is involved in every process of making each film while, at the same time, everyone takes their own desired level of responsibility. They consider every role in filmmaking, be it editor, cinematographer, set designer, performer or director, to be creative and that’s why they credit each film as “Toytool Committee.”


Mi Coche (2016)
The Rose Garden (2015)
Support Your Local Pornographers (2014)
The Silent Guy (2013)
Home (2012)
L’Amour Et La Violence (2011)

As Toytool Films:
VS (2017)

You can find most of the Toytool Films at Pink Label TV.


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